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Sticks and Stones Walk: An Interactive Installation [Press Release/Fundraiser]


Funding Opportunity to Support Local Artists

Miami, FL – Society is a place with inherent frictions, local artist duo Home Eleven pose questions of individuality, duality and prejudice in the social arena. Their interactive exhibit ‘Sticks and Stones Walk’ will be premiering at Grand Rapids Public Museum during ArtPrize, an annual international art festival held in Michigan beginning September 20th. Their challenge now is something they have faced multiple times, funding, funding, funding.

The piece – composed of wood, bricks, plexiglass and foam – creates two halls where viewers pick a hall and decide to stay in their allowed space, or acquire more by pushing the foam divider. Those pushed tubes extend and take away space from the other creating the ‘push and pull’ of bodies in space. The project is being advanced through their GoFundMe Campaign by ArtPrize to purchase materials and shipment. The artists desire different environments to record the variety of responses. After its time in Grand Rapids, the piece will return to Miami and be exhibited at the Deering Estate just in time to coincide with Miami’s Art Week in early December.

Home Eleven formed in 2015 integrating different aspects of architecture, art, design and film to promote change, challenge the status quo and evoke dialogue on issues relating to all of us. Please consider being part of the conversation by aiding Home Eleven’s efforts. Priority timeline for support is August 15th. Please visit their GoFundMePage at

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About the Company
Home Eleven is an artistic partnership between Nelly Bonilla and Oscar Luna. Both graduates of Pratt Institute, they came together with the urge to create and challenge the perception of the common and its everyday uses through interactive installations. Their goal is to evoke dialogue between the viewer and the subject matter by producing structures that borderline between functional and artistic but above all, reach a subconscious emotion and promote understanding and compassion. They are currently Artists in Residence at the Deering Estate, Miami, FL. Learn more at

Press Contact
Nelly Bonilla
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