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BC Dance Co. Behind the Scene Shots

BC Dance Co.’s 2017 season has started with vigor and excitement since the announcement of Brigette’s receipt of Miami Light Project’s (MLP) Here & Now commission award. Brigette Cormier Dance Company (BC Dance Co.) is currently in rehearsals at MLP preparing for Here & now: 2017. Enjoy these behind the scene shots of the beginnings of the… Read More BC Dance Co. Behind the Scene Shots

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Compositum Musicae Novae Supports Grassroots Dance [video + photo]

“Compositum Musicae Novae is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization of classically trained composers, musicians, dancers, visual artists and literary artists-dedicated to producing, performing,  and exposing the public to new artistic expressions in music, dance and the visual and literary arts.” -from