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An Insider’s Look into a Dance: Southern Breakdown

I put together this video exibit for my 2012/2013 Dancework Southern Breakdown just for you, internet! I love how dedicated the dancers are to the choreography – their energy and intention throughout piece is spot on, and their ability to maintain the quality of the dance in our tour in Miami, in different venues & on different stage sizes makes me so proud! This video follows clips of the dance through rehearsals, showings, and a couple of our performances around the city. Enjoy!

SoBreakdown Tour Inside Look by Brigette Cormier from Brigette Cormier on Vimeo.

Dancers: Amanda Edwards, Juliana Triviño, Brigette Cormier, Sasha Caicedo

If you have any inquiries about this dance, are interested in having it in a show, or would like to commission a new dancework, please contact us or email me directly.