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New Dance DETACHMENT + Poem

Dancer/Choreographer Brigette Cormier and Dancer Amanda Edwards performed at MMT (Mobile Micro Theater) this past weekend for The Rhythm Foundations’s Heineken Transatlantic Festival at the North Beach Bandshell. The dance they performed was a brand new installation, DETACHMENT, created by Brigette Cormier especially for MMT.
The DETACHMENT Experience: The audience enters the dark-lit MMT bus to find two separate sitting areas, and two women bound to the bus by galactic bonds. Through a story of struggle, seeking freedom, and desire to express love & connect with another, the women eventually break free of their bonds in a writhing, expressive dance, and find a new way to relate to each other [and the world]. The use of LED light effects makes this dance a dreamy experience, with the dancers appearing to pull light out of their bodies and gift it to each other, and later providing the illusion of stars in the sky.

Check out the pre show photos!

(Poem from the Program)
by Brigette Cormier

“You have made it! Job, money, home, car, bills, television, debt, things, bills, things… Now do you feel fulfilled? Or do you feel trapped? Has the world you have meticulously created for yourself become your own unique prison? Detach. Perhaps pleasing society first is not the best way to go, after all. Detach. Uncover that which your heart desires, deep within your innermost thoughts. Battle with your self-made bonds and embrace the fact that you create your life – make it one you truly want to live.“