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“Dance is Art” at Cocowalk: Gallery & Retrospect

Coconut Grove and Cocowalk are having F.A.M. (Fashion, Art, Music) every month at Cocowalk! Love Steady Arts was invited by our friends at Black Tie Affair to present performance art. George Hustus and I created a shadowbox in which I presented dance improvisations and dance composition phrases.

Click below to see a photo gallery of the evening and a personal insight from me about the performance.


Many people’s curiosities were peaked, and they approached the shadowbox – some stayed for hours and others paused for a just a moment. The most rewarding part of this performance for me was the children’s reactions. They were enthralled by the live performance, watching from both sides of the shadowbox, running to catch my shadow dance, and then to the back to compare and watch me dance. At one point of my performance I had a whole group of kids around the open end of the shadowbox, dancing happily attempting to copy my every move. Seeing their eyes and spirits light up with excitement for dance brought warmth to my heart. I happily invited the group of kids to try their hand at being a shadowdancer, inviting them to feel “beautiful and graceful” and the result was a glorious expression of youthful inspiration – kids laughing, twirling and dancing. What a success :).

Brigette at FAM Nights