What is 276 Art Studio?

 276 Art Studio in Miami, Florida’s Wynwood Arts District.


Murals by George Hustus

 From 2011-2013 Brigette and George rented a building in Wynwood and transformed it into a whitebox theater – gallery – studio fusion,  in which every second Saturday of each month was dedicated to Wynwood Art Walk, opening to the public and offering free multidisciplinary performances, gallery tours, concerts, and more.

The average Art Walk at 276 Art Studio included:
A Variety show with dance performances, live music, and spoken word by Miami’s talent scene.
A gallery Presentation of visual artworks by Miami-based and international visual artists.

276 Art Studio hosted emerging Miami artists and gave the public an opportunity to see multidisciplinary performance art and visual art of a new contemporary genre, combination, generation, and expression for free.

276 Art Studio/Love Steady Arts provided local artists of many genres opportunities to present their work at no cost in the gallery Wynwood Art Walk. It There was never a wall, stage, or mic fee for any artist.

276 Art Studio left Wynwood on August 1st, 2013 when the building was sold. The location is now a parking lot.

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Brigette Cormier and Juliana Trivino performing Cormier's dancework "What is Meant" during a Wynwood Art Walk at 276.

Brigette Cormier and Juliana Triviño performing Cormier’s dancework “What is Meant” during a Wynwood Art Walk at 276. Photo Cred: Cara Hunter Viera

Art Walk Videos




Gallery Curation: George Hustus and Brigette Cormier
Marketing & Web Design: Brigette Cormier
Visual Art Director and house muralist: George Hustus
Performance Art Director: Brigette Cormier

Gallery Presenters:
George Hustus
William Hustus
Herbert Hofer
Banjamin Williams Jr.
Bruno Natalio Vago
Christopher Williams
Shorty Olivo

Amadeus McCaskill
James P Photography
Brigette Cormier
Rachel Elizabeth Conely

Love Steady Arts Boutique
Love Steady Arts founder, Brigette Cormier, built the boutique to provide Miami-based small businesses the chance to sell their work during Wynwood Art Walk and Art Basel, at no cover charge, to the general public at 276 Art Studio. Love Steady Arts Boutique is also an online store. Brigette and George Hustus sell their designs full-time in the boutique.

Love Steady Arts Boutique Guest Designers:
Sweet Shot Design
Winey Mamas
Love Brainstorm
Herbert Hofer (prints)

Variety Show
Director/Curator: Brigette Cormier
Co-direction by: Juliana Triviño and Sasha Caicedo

Choreography by:
Brigette Cormier
Alejandro Bahia

Dance Improvisations by:
Juliana Triviño
Sasha Caicedo
Amanda Edwards
Katie Weigman
Brigette Cormier
Tony Surphman

Music Performances by:
Gatoe Xango
Christopher Corzo (formerly Lightnin Maqueen)
Avocado Estate
Mr. Fetus
The D.O.
Joey Dreamcast Mcfly
Nickie Leon & The Boyz
Chidi Ogali
Frankie Midnight

Spoken Word by:
Roly Daniels

Audio Direction: Aldo Luna

Frankie Coto: PA Donation

Logo from July 2012- July 2013