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Compositum Musicae Novae Supports Grassroots Dance [video + photo]

“Compositum Musicae Novae is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization of classically trained composers, musicians, dancers, visual artists and literary artists-dedicated to producing, performing,  and exposing the public to new artistic expressions in music, dance and the visual and literary arts.”

Compositum Musicae Novae (CMN) has commissioned choreographer Brigette Cormier to participate in their 2016 performance series at The Coral Gables Museum. These eclectic events feature  multiple disciplines of classically trained artists’ work and give grassroots artists like Brigette the opportunity to present her choreography to new audiences.

Enjoy these videos of Brigette’s participation in CMN’s events:

Jan 2016 “Muse”
March 2016 “Fluid”

May 2016 “Elecrtic”

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