Cormier’s 2013 Dancework Restaged for MMT + poem

Southern Breakdown, Brigette Cormier’s 2013 Dancework has been restaged for the Mobile Micro Theater as “SoBreakdown//ladymonster” don’t miss this passionate, intimate performance showcasing beauty in performance arts.


Restaged for the Mobile Micro Theater
at O Cinema Wynwood
90 NW 29th ST 33127
November 16th, 2013 4:30, 5pm, & 5:30pm

Danced by Sasha Caicedo, Amanda Edwards, and Brigette Cormier.


SoBreakdown// a poem
Through the daily routines, something beckons from within. Keep it together, you tell yourself, but you cannot deny the feeling. Try to understand that you are more than you think. You are more than your thoughts.  With that knowing, through your daily routine, you feel a beckoning coming from within – you heed that beckon and follow the flow of curiosity – and you are led to a space in which you are faced with your essence and source – and are given the ability to transcend your “thoughts” and realize your purpose in life. You may then ask yourself, what is a daily routine?