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Artist Showing: Benjamin Williams

In November 2013, Benjamin Williams Sadly Passed Away. We at Love Steady Arts miss him dearly. Please visit the Etsy shop of Benjamin and his brother Christopher Williams and consider purchasing some art or donating to help their family during this difficult time. https://www.etsy.com/shop/CreatorsEye


Painter Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams is a new showing artist at 276 Art Studio. A Miami native, Benjamin’s work is inspired by nature and frequently speaks on spirituality. He enjoys an experimental take on art and favors mixed media.

Art Anecdote from Benjamin: Benjamin recalls that his first moments as an artist started as early as Kindergarten at Perrine Elementary  – Benjamin’s teachers immediately took notice to his artistic talent and began to help nurture his creative ability at his young age – he was immediately placed into a 2nd grade art class even though he was only in Kindergarten.


Art by Benjamin Williams
Art by Benjamin Williams

Love one of Benjamin’s pieces?  visit us during a show, email, or call us so we can get one to you. All original works are available for purchase.